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101 Explosive HVAC Social Media Post Ideas to Heat Up Your Feed

101 Explosive HVAC Social Media Post Ideas to Heat Up Your Feed

You’re in the trenches every day, striving to make your HVAC business thrive. Social media? It can feel like an uphill battle, especially when time is a luxury you just don’t have. You’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed, and we’re here to help. The good news? Social media marketing for HVAC companies can be simpler than it looks.

Welcome to your one-stop shop for effortless, engaging social media content, with 101 social media post ideas tailor-made for your HVAC business.

This isn’t about bombarding your audience with mindless chatter. Instead, these ideas are engineered to speak to your HVAC customers’ needs, turning likes into leads and leads into loyal customers.

So, let’s roll up those sleeves and say goodbye forever to writer’s block and wasted social media effort.

Why is Social Media Marketing Important for HVAC contractors?

In a world where everyone is melded to their phones, HVAC social media marketing promises a free, direct and consistent line to your ideal customers. In fact, an estimated 3.8 billion people use social media to research brands and services.

With that kind of audience, there are a number of benefits to producing click-worthy content for Facebook, Instagram, your Google Business Profile and other channels:

  • Build Brand Awareness: Being seen is the first step to being chosen. Social media puts your HVAC company in the daily scroll of your potential customers.

  • Showcase Expertise: Your knowledge and skills aren’t just a service; they’re your brand’s story. Share tips, advice, and industry insights to carve out your niche as the go-to expert.

  • Engage with Your Audience: It’s a dialogue, not a monologue. Social media allows for real-time interaction, answering questions, and building trust.

  • Increase Website Traffic: By linking your social content to your website, you boost organic traffic, helping your search engine rankings and online visibility.

  • Boost Local SEO: Search engines consider the local content of social media posts, as well as likes and shares, when deciding what to serve customers on the local map or in organic searches.

So, you’re convinced. Posting on social media is a must for HVAC businesses that want to dominate their local market. But there’s a big difference between posting for posting’s sake and social media that gets results.

Let’s read on to discover the kinds of social media posts that drive traffic, calls and sales. Because if it’s not profitable, it’s just wasted effort.

Easy Does It: Social Media Post Ideas for the HVAC company new to digital marketing

When it comes to social media marketing, it’s ok to start small. Too often, HVAC business owners take one look at the shiny, polished social media feeds from national brands, think “I could never do that,” and give up.

But don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. We’ve assembled some beginner social media post ideas perfect for the HVAC business with that fears they don’t have the time, expertise or design chops to shine on social media.

All four of these basic social media posts have a few important things in common:

  • They are not time sensitive, so you can schedule them long in advance.

  • User-friendly templates exist on Canva and other graphic design platforms, so you don’t have to spend hours learning to design.

  • They draw from your existing content or stock content that is easy to source on the Internet.

Blog Post

Let’s start with the basics. You should produce at least two 1,000 word blogs per month. And yes, I know what you’re thinking: “I’m not a writer!” and “Who has time for that?”

Agreed. But for more on how to blog without losing your mind, see our blog on copywriting secrets.

For now, let’s assume you write a blog. It’s good for SEO, helps you get found on local maps and provides your customers with valuable educational content that builds trust and explains the benefits of your service.

Keeping your blogs off social media is like holding an electrifying concert for an empty stadium. Amplify your sound, rock star!

In fact, you should squeeze up to a dozen social media posts out of each and ever blog. Sound impossible? Check out this content repurposing wisdom from the great marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk.

Blogs Copywriting | 101 Explosive HVAC Social Media Post Ideas to Heat Up Your Feed | Might Small HVAC Blog | RS Gonzales - HVAC Business and Marketing Solutions

Holiday Post

Strike while the holiday iron’s hot! Posting during the holidays isn’t just about spreading cheer; it’s about seizing the spotlight when the world’s buzzing with festive vibes.

And yes, you definitely want to show them warmth when Santa’s sleigh arrives, but holiday social media posts can be a year-round extravaganza. In fact, even minor holidays are a great way to add content to your site, show some community spirit and make your audience smile.

Harness the Holidays with XX HVAC Social Media Posts for Every Celebration

Metro Services HVAC Christmas Social Media Post | 101 Explosive HVAC Social Media Post Ideas to Heat Up Your Feed | Might Small HVAC Blog | RS Gonzales - HVAC Business and Marketing Solutions

Grab these ideas for holiday-themed posts:

  • New Year’s Day: “Starting the year freezing? Kick off with our hero HVAC solution – ensuring a toastier 2023!” Show off a glittery graphic of a comfy home, surrounded by cold, with your brand as the savior.

  • Valentine’s Day: “Heating more than hearts this Valentine’s! 💕 Swoon-worthy comfort with our HVAC services.” Craft a heartwarming image of a cozy couple, with your brand powering their comfort.

  • April Fool’s Day: “No Jokes – just jaw-dropping deals on HVAC systems! 🃏✨ Make comfort no laughing matter while others are pranking!”

  • Easter: “Hop into Spring with fresh savings on HVAC tune-ups! 🐰🌼 Make this Easter the season for rebirth of comfort.”

  • Earth Day: “Small changes. Big impact. 🌎 Go green with our energy-efficient HVAC systems.” Feature a globe graphic with your HVAC system, emphasizing eco-friendly choices.

  • Mother’s Day: “Moms keep home hearts warm! 💐 Surprise her with a HVAC check-up gift! Because moms deserve a perfect temperature haven.”

  • Fourth of July: “Keep your summer parties COOL! 🚀Experience Independence Day comfort with our HVAC services.” Share an infographic displaying your services amidst 4th of July fireworks.

  • National HVAC Tech Day (June 22): “Saluting the Superheroes who keep us cool! 🦸 Honoring our tech-teams this #HVACTechDay.” Post team photos, celebrating the people behind your services.

  • Summer Solstice: “Longest day of the year? More time to enjoy your cool! Dive into the Summer Solstice with our unbeatable HVAC deals! ☀️🌞”

  • Halloween: “No tricks, just treats! 🎃 Get spook-tacular comfort with our HVAC installation!” Deploy a ghost-themed graphic with your HVAC system casting out the “chill.”

  • Veterans Day: “Courage, Service, Strength – Our Veterans are true HVAC Heroes! Share the story of a Veteran in your life who embodies the spirit of service and dedication. 🎖️🇺🇸”

  • Thanksgiving: “Thankful for cozy homes and warm hearts! 🦃 Here’s to a snug #Thanksgiving with our HVAC maintenance.” Showcase a heartening picture of a heat-filled thanksgiving setting, with your brand as a contributor.

  • Christmas: “Comfy and Bright! 🔥 Unwrap exceptional warmth with our HVAC solutions this #Christmas.” Use a Christmas-themed image of a snug home, lit by your warm service.

Remember, avoid any posts that feel overtly political or crass and salesy. Of course, it’s fine to promote a service on a holiday that is fun, non-religious and apolitical (like Groundhog’s Day or Halloween). But keep your posts on more serious holidays earnest, grateful and humble: Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Election Day, etc.

And a special shout out to Choates HVAC in Memphis, that offered this respectful and informative post for Black History Month. Annual celebrations like Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month are a great opportunity to celebrate the diversity of both your customers and the HVAC’s industry’s ingenious founders.

Testimonial post

There is nothing easier than the testimonial post. Just head to your Google Business Profile and grab a quote from a happy customer. Focus on detailed reviews that explain the customer’s experience and highlight what makes your business unique. The best reviews are specifi. Maybe they detail the exact service the client received, explain an obstacle you helped the customer overcome, or give a shoutout to a technician or customer service rep who went above and beyond.

Aim to post at least one testimonial each month. Better yet, treat your social media feed as an excuse to go out and get more reviews!

Kilowatt HVAC of Sherman Oaks, California upped the ante by creating an Instagram reel featuring multiple testimonials:

Inspirational quotes

The internet loves inspirational quotes. Why? There’s a world of negativity online, so when an inspirational thought enters people’s feed, it makes them feel good.

Even today, when websites like BrainyQuote curate thousands of memorable quotes for you, these posts still garner an outsized portion of likes and shares.

Try to find quotes that capture your brand personality or values. People want to do business with companies they know, like and trust. And borrowing the words of great minds can help you project your unique selling proposition and build feel-good sentiment with your customers.

Next Level Moves: When You’re Ready to Elevate Your Social Media Game

So, you’ve mastered the basics. Let’s move into slightly more advanced HVAC-themed social media post ideas that will help you diversify your feed. None of these are particularly complex, but they do require more planning or a clear strategic connection to your business goals. In most cases, you’ll need to get your office staff and service technicians on board to help collect photos and content for these posts.

Seasonal and Weather-Related Posts

Is there any industry better primed to talk about the changing seasons than HVAC? Your social media feed should be abuzz with topical posts about how the weather impacts your customers.

HVAC social media post ideas for every season

The weather is a great opportunity to connect with local audiences. Some posts can be scheduled in advance. For example, an HVAC company in Phoenix should be posting each spring about what to do as the thermometer nears 100 degrees. Other posts can be spontaneous. Post a photo from your office window of your city’s snow storm and ask what everyone plans to do on their snow day.

Check out these seasonal social media post ideas for your HVAC business.

Metro Services HVAC - Summer Heat Seasonal Social Media Post | 101 Explosive HVAC Social Media Post Ideas to Heat Up Your Feed | Might Small HVAC Blog | RS Gonzales - HVAC Business and Marketing Solutions

Winter: Brace Yourselves, Comfort is Coming!

  • Be a Heat Hero: Key strategies to maintain toasty temps indoors without breaking the bank. Let’s battle the freeze together!

  • Winterproof Wizards: Safeguard your HVAC from the frostbite frenzy. Get down to the nitty-gritty of winter care.

  • Snowy Savings Showdown: Embrace the cold, cash in on warmth. Master the art of slashing energy bills during the big chill.

Spring: It’s Time for a Fresh Start!

  • Allergen Assassins: Spring means pollen. Master your HVAC’s filter game and say goodbye to sneezes. Be the hero your sinuses need!

  • Tune-Up Time: Your HVAC survived winter – but is it spring-ready? Unearth the secrets to a perfect seasonal tune-up.

  • Efficiency Awakening: Spring-clean your energy habits. Tips to make your HVAC system leaner, meaner, and greener.

Summer: Blast the Heat with Cool Confidence

  • Chill Without the Bill: Sizzling outside? Keep it iceberg-cool inside without melting down your savings. Dive into cost-cutting coolness.

  • Sun, Fun, and HVAC Run: Maximize the joy and efficiency of your system during the heatwave crusade. Get savvy, stay cool!

  • Summer Health Wave: Amp up the fresh air! Discover the HVAC secrets to a healthier, happier summer indoors.

Extreme Weather: Riding out the Storm

  • Battle-Ready for Blizzards: Equip yourself with knowledge to keep your HVAC fighting through ice and snow!

  • Heatwave Heroes: Scorching sun? No sweat! Your HVAC’s got the moves to keep the dog days at bay.

  • Storm Surge Savvy: Lightning, rain, and winds? Shield your HVAC and keep the fortress of comfort secure.

Company culture post

Ever heard that famous adage: “People do business with people they know, like and trust.” In the HVAC industry, it’s too easy to offer a commodity. The same run-of-the-mill, ho-hum furnace repair or air conditioning installation as a dozen other HVAC contractors in your hometown.

Let your customers get to know your business and they will choose you over your HVAC competitors. Posting about your team, your values and your culture reinforces your unique selling proposition.

Ideas for social media posts about your company culture:

  • Employee spotlight

  • Company retreat, lunch or get together

  • New website

  • Photos of the office

  • Behind the scenes or a day in the life of your office

  • Industry award or recognition from a local chamber of commerce

  • A quote or message that showcases your values, history or founding story

Before and After Post

Who doesn’t love a makeover? Show prospective customers how much better their life will be once you’ve fixed their clanging radiator or installed an air-purifying home air filter.

You can present these before and after posts as a side-by-side display. Or, if you want to get fancy, create a reel with multiple photos or time-stop video footage with a fun soundtrack!

Discount or offer post

Don’t get so caught up in the fun of social media posting for your HVAC company that you forget to sell your services. You can create three to ten consistent discount or offer posts that you run regularly.

7 Discounts and Offers for your HVAC social media posts

  • 🔥 FLAMIN’ FALL TUNE-UP SPECIAL! 🔥 Get your system ready to rumble for the chilly season! 25% off our legendary Fall Tune-Up Service. Act fast! Offer expires when the leaves hit the ground!

  • ☀️ SUMMER BLOWOUT BONANZA! ☀️ Scorched wallets? No more! Snag a smokin’ 15% off new installs and melt away those high bills. Jump on it – this offer cools off when the heatwave does!

  • 💥 TRADE-IN TRIUMPH 💥 Out with the old, in with the SAVINGS! Trade your tired HVAC for a $200 discount on a gleaming new model. Revolutionize your comfort!

  • 🌹 SPRING ALLERGY SQUASHER 🌹 Pollen is the enemy. Your HVAC shouldn’t be. Filter it out with 10% off our premium filter packs. Breathe deep and clean. No sneezes, just please(s)!

  • ❄️ EARLY BIRD WINTER WONDER ❄️ The early bird gets the warmth! 20% off any service for those who prep for winter before Jack Frost even packs his bags.

  • 🌪️ STORM PREP PROTECTORS 🌪️ When the winds wail, be ready. Secure 15% off our stormproof HVAC checkups. Don’t let a storm blow your comfort away!

  • 👫 FRIENDS IN COMFORT 👫 Refer a buddy and cash in on comfort TOGETHER! They get $50 off their service, and you get a $50 credit. Best. Deal. Ever!

  • 🎁 BIRTHDAY BASH BONUS 🎁 It’s your birthday? It’s also your LUCKY DAY! Celebrate with a one-time 10% service discount. Cheers to another cozy year!

  • 🛠️ MIDWEEK MAINTENANCE MANIA 🛠️ Why wait for the weekend? Schedule a midweek fix and hit the jackpot with a flat 20% off. Genius moves for the win!

  • 🦃 THANKSGIVING THANK-YOU 🦃 We’re thankful for YOU! That’s why we’re carving out a hefty 30% off Black Friday deal for all services booked during Thanksgiving week.

  • 💥🚀 WELCOME TO THE PIONEER LEAGUE OF COMFORT! 🚀💥 Struggling with haphazard repairs? Tired of chasing technicians every season? Breathe a sigh of relief because we got you COVERED. Our annual plan takes turbulence out of the equation to deliver smooth, uninterrupted COMFORT all year long!

Service post

Like discounts and offers, you want to take the opportunity to showcase the full range of your services. Dig deeper than “air conditioning” and “heating” and highlight all the specific things you could do for a customer. As a rule of thumb, if you have a page in your homepage navigation dedicated to a service, you should feature it periodically on social media.

Remember, every time you publish a social media post about a given HVAC service or product, search engines pick up on the signal: “Hey, this company offers that service!” Over time, all those tiny signals amount to big improvements in your local search engine optimization and visibility on Google maps.

Here are just a few of the services you could showcase in a social media post:

  • HVAC
    Air conditioning services and repair
    Air conditioning replacement and installation
    air conditioning maintenance
    programmable thermostat
    rooftop units
    air handler
    zoning systems
    ductless and mini split air-conditioning
    emergency service
    24/7 HVAC repairs

  • Heating
    heating services and repair
    heating replacement and installation
    heating maintenance and inspection
    zoning systems
    programmable thermostat
    ductless heating
    heat pumps
    baseboard heaters
    emergency heating

  • Plumbing Service
    Water heater services
    Garbage disposal services
    Stainless steel water hoses
    Leak detection and repairs

  • Indoor air quality
    Duct cleaning Duct
    work design and installation
    Home air filters
    Air cleaning systems

  • Commercial HVAC
    Commercial ductwork design and installation
    Commercial ductwork cleaning
    HVAC services for rental properties
    HVAC services for restaurants

Educational posts

Educational posts are your secret weapon, painting you as the top gun in HVAC know-how. When customers see you’re not just selling, but also teaching, they trust you as the expert who has their back through icy winters and scorching summers.

People want to know their HVAC provider isn’t just an unscrupulous “parts changer,” ready to upselling them on the latest model even when a repair might extend the life of their equipment. When you provide HVAC customers with free information, and give them a peak behind the curtain of how HVAC repair and installation works, they will trust you both for honesty and expertise.

On-the-job post

Like educational posts, content that reveals a day in the life of your service technicians builds trust with your customers. Your prospective customer is going to welcome your tech — a stranger! — into their home. Then, they’re going to pay you thousands of dollars, with the expectation that the service you provide will keep their family comfortable for years to come. That’s almost a staggering leap of faith — UNLESS, they feel they already know your techs and recognize their smiling faces and competent demeanor from your social media feed.

We’re hiring post

Most HVAC companies struggle to hire and retain top talent. So, why not go to social media to find your next great employee?

Posting job vacancies offers you a winning chance to invite passion, skill, and drive into your team. Plus, it showcases your growth and success, amplifying your brand’s reputation as a terrific place to work!

Unleash the Power: Advanced Social Media Mastery for HVAC Pros

Community engagement posts

Show off your company’s community spirit! Spotlighting your HVAC company’s participation or sponsorship of community events isn’t just good vibes — it’s smart business. You’re strutting your commitment to the local scene, strengthening your bond with potential customers, and proving you’re more than a service – you’re a NEIGHBOR!

Plus, they are great for local SEO. When you give a shout out to a local sports team, NGO or community program, they are likely to reshare your post — giving your HVAC business greater reach and visibility.

In truth, these are easy social media posts to create — we’ve placed them in the “advanced” category only because they require some coordination with local even organizers.

DIY post

Embrace the thrill of DIY! When HVAC kings share their trade secrets, you don’t just dazzle your audience with your prowess, you stoke their confidence to tackle their own fixes! It’s a win-win; they’ll feel like heroes and they’ll remember who armed them for battle when it’s time for the BIG jobs.

Worried that DIY tips might keep your phone quiet? Think again! Consider those endless YouTube tutorials on baking or room decor. Sure, they’re engaging and educational, but how often do people watch, only to decide, “maybe I’ll just buy it this time”? That’s where your expertise comes in.

By sharing your HVAC knowledge, you engage and educate your audience, establishing yourself as the go-to expert. So when the task at hand gets a bit too daunting for a DIY, you’ll be the first call they make. It’s about building trust and showcasing your skills — a recipe for loyalty and business growth.

Let’s empower your audience together, and be ready to step in when they need the expert touch!

In the news posts

There’s power in staying relevant, and that means plugging into the pulse of local or national events! By cleverly connecting your HVAC company to ongoing trends or hot news topics, you create a context your audience is already invested in. This isn’t about exploiting the news, rather it’s about demonstrating your brand’s awareness and active engagement in broader conversations. In the end, it humanizes your brand, grabs attention, and could turn a simple post into a viral sensation. Stay current and stay connected!

10 Ways HVAC Companies can “Hijack” News Events

  • Local Sports Events: Cheer on your home team! It’s about solidarity and local pride!

  • National Holidays: From the 4th of July to Thanksgiving, show your patriotic colors!

  • Local Festivals: Food, music, arts – these community gatherings have it all. Show you’re part of the community vibe!

  • Charity Runs/Walks: Good health and good causes are a winning combo! Encourage participation and applaud effort!

  • School Open Days/Events: Education matters! Support your local schools and celebrate academic triumphs!

  • Weather Shifts: Be it the first spring bloom or the first snowfall, people love relishing the changing seasons!

  • Art and Culture Shows: Prove that your brand appreciates the finer things in life, and the local arts scene!

  • Farmers Markets: Fresh foods, homemade wares, and community support – a great mix to endorse!

  • National Awareness Days: From Earth Day to National Pet Day, show your brand cares about more than just business.

  • City Infrastructure Updates: New park in town? Road improvements? Share the news and show excitement for local development!

Industry news post

Don’t be so quick to assume that the HVAC industry is “boring” to your followers. After all, HVAC isn’t just about air conditioners and heaters. It’s about climate change and shaping the future of comfortable living.

So, cut through the noise by sharing jaw-dropping facts, the latest tech breakthroughs, and behind-the-scenes peeks that make your followers go “WOW!”

9 Non-Boring Ways to Capitalize on HVAC Industry News

Energy Efficiency Pro-Tips
“SLASH those energy bills with tips straight from the pros! 💡🔌 Here’s how you get efficiency that’ll make your wallet and the planet THANK YOU. #EnergyEfficiency #GoGreen”

Industry Stats That Shock
“Did you know? The average home wastes about 20% of its heating and cooling. 😲 Let’s fix that leaky stat together! #HVACFacts #BeEfficient”

Technological Revelation
“The FUTURE is HERE! 🚀 Just unfolded the latest smart thermostat that learns your habits better than you do! Energy saving? Next-level comfort? You bet! #SmartThermostat #FutureIsNow”

The Future of AI
“AI is transforming how we LIVE, WORK, and even COOL our homes! Discover our groundbreaking AI-driven HVAC systems that adapt to your lifestyle and slash energy use. Ready to live smarter? Dive into the AI revolution with us!” 🏠💡🌐 #AIRevolution #SmartHVAC #LiveSmarter

Smart Homes
“Tech-Heads and Homeowners, UNITE! 🤝 Embrace the tech magic of our latest HVAC systems with sensors so precise, they could hear a pin drop 📍🔊. This isn’t just climate control; it’s a MASTERPIECE of comfort!” #CuttingEdgeComfort #HVACTechMagic

Climate Change
“Climate Change isn’t just coming, it’s HERE. We’re answering the call with eco-friendly HVAC solutions that are kind to your wallet and kinder to the planet. 🌍 Join the green brigade! Every degree of change in your home helps OUR home.” #ClimateWarriors #EcoFriendlyHVAC

Extreme Weather
“Heatwaves. Polar Vortexes. It’s climate chaos out there! But we’re fighting BACK with solutions that keep you cool (or cozy!) without giving the Earth a fever. Be part of the climate solution with HVAC that cares!” #FightClimateChaos #EcoSmartHVAC

Going Green
“Say ‘No’ to waste and ‘Yes’ to SAVING! Our ‘green consumer’ HVAC models aren’t just about a flash label; they are the real deal in cutting back energy usage without cutting back comfort. Be the change—GO GREEN with us!” #BeTheChange #SaveAndSustain

Funny post

So, you may ask: Why are funny social media posts an advanced tactic for HVAC companies?

Because humor is hard. It’s easy to hit the wrong note, give offense or simply be misconstrued. Plus, there’s no shortage of trolls lurking under your social media bridge, ready to embarrass you at the smallest mistake.

On the plus side, the power of laughter can make your social engagement soar.

When you’re ready, navigate those comedic waves like a pro — ensuring your humor is the kind that brings us ALL together, with no one left behind or singled out. It’s about crafting those belly laughs that are UNIVERSALLY relatable, leaving offense in the dust. And yes, stock photos of animals being adorable really can do a lot of the work for you.

The HVAC Social Media Revolution: Don’t Get Left Behind!

So there you have it. 101 ideas to keep your HVAC social media feed filled with click-worthy content throughout the year.

Crush the social media scene, HVAC dynamos, and watch as your brand turns into the talk of the town! It’s SIMPLE: Social media puts your services on the digital map and drives those comfort-seeking customers straight to your door!

Book a Free Social Media Strategy Session | 101 Explosive HVAC Social Media Post Ideas to Heat Up Your Feed | Might Small HVAC Blog | RS Gonzales - HVAC Business and Marketing Solutions

But if you’re not jazzed about crafting those witty, click-worthy posts yourself, FEAR NOT. The cavalry’s here! At RS Gonzales, we’re your HVAC marketing maestros, ready to amp up your online presence while you keep nailing those HVAC victories. Reach out now, let’s IGNITE your HVAC social media strategy and FUEL your business’s blaze!