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Fast Track Your Fortune with Precision-Targeted HVAC Ads

Capture ready-to-buy leads with Google Local Services Ads and Facebook Ads. Forget the agonizing waiting game with paid ad campaigns that offer breakthrough speed to sales.

Turn Clicks Into Customers with Local Ads for HVAC Leaders

You offer unbeatable HVAC services that should be the talk of the town. But your phone’s silent and your sales team is snoozing.

Struggling to steal the spotlight? Shout it out, because we’re listening! In fact, it’s the tune we hear daily from HVAC entrepreneurs just like you.

Hitting a snag when it comes to getting noticed? We hear you loud and clear. It's the digital SOS we're tuned into every day from HVAC companies just like yours.

You may be no stranger to these stumbling blocks

You launched a new HVAC website, but no one is visiting.
Your HVAC ads vanish into the digital void, leaving barely a ripple behind.
Juggling repairs and installs, who’s got a spare second for an ad strategy?
Your HVAC business is bleeding money, and you need leads—YESTERDAY.

Sound like a page from your playbook? Then it’s time to switch up your game!
Welcome to RS Gonzales, the adrenaline shot your pay-per-click campaigns need.

With cost-efficient ad strategies designed for HVAC pros like you, we engineer your campaigns to bring in leads that are so hot, you'll need gloves to handle them! No more casting wide nets and hoping for the best. Our finely-tuned ads are your ticket to capturing leads that convert, without devouring your budget

We’re the champs of HVAC paid ad campaigns, optimizing ever click while you focus on what you do best—serving customers!
With a roster of ecstatic HVAC clients under our belt, we're primed to conquer the battlefield of Google and Facebook ads and catapult you to victory!

Let's light the fire under your sales with ads—gear up for ads that deliver and convert!

An HVAC Advertising Agency that Delivers Unbeatable Results

Don’t settle for a jack-of-all-trades. With an HVAC marketing agency like RS Gonzales, you get battle-tested local ads strategies proven to work for HVAC contractors. Discover our success stories.

Case Study

Tiny Ad Budget,
Huge Results

Every penny you spend on paid ads for your HVAC business is precious. You can’t afford to experiment with ad campaigns that might deliver leads in six months. You deserve results NOW. That’s why we deliver huge ROI on your HVAC Facebook Ads and Google Local Services Ads. Check out this client, who scored more than $20,000 in new business in one month from a modest $10 per day Facebook campaign.

Check out this client, who scored more than $20,000 in new business in one month from a modest $10 per day Facebook campaign. -->

You’ve Finally Found the Right

Online Marketing Company for Your HVAC Business

RS Gonzales has the HVAC ad strategies you’ve been looking for. Don’t wait another day to show the world what you’ve got. Hit the throttle and let the competition choke on your dust as you blaze a trail to the top!
The Benefits of Local Ads for HVAC Companies

Drive Results, Not Just Traffic with Paid Advertising

Gain Instant Visibility

Put your brand where customers are actively searching for you with local ads for HVAC.

Fine-Tune Your Audience

Tailor your reach based on precise demographics, locations, and behaviors.

Control Your Budget

Set your own spending limits for advertising that’s as cost-effective as it is impactful.

See Quick Results

Skip the waiting game of organic growth and jump straight to measurable outcomes.

Track Performance Real-Time

Access instant metrics to pivot your strategy on the fly.

Dominate Local Markets

Leverage geo-targeting to become the go-to choice in your community.

Maximize ROI

Invest wisely in one of the highest-yielding marketing channels available.

Build Your Brand

Create more than sales—establish credibility and awareness with every ad.

Seize Seasonal Opportunities

Optimize for time-sensitive promotions or services to market in the moment.
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About RS Gonzales
Who Says Your Small Business Can’t Be Mighty
  • Seasoned entrepreneurs who have built and sold a seven-figure business
  • Dedicated HVAC marketing experts armed with state-of-the-art digital strategies to grow your business-FAST
  • Personalized customer support that cares about YOUR business
  • Laser focus on ROI—not just vanity metrics
An HVAC Google Local Service Ads Agency That Does It All

Why Every HVAC Business
Needs Paid Ads

When you're just starting your HVAC business, word of mouth is like that first spark in a dark room - essential and exciting. It feels great when your business is the talk of the town. But referrals can be unpredictable—a flood this month, a drought the next.

And HVAC SEO? That's your marathon runner, building stamina and crushing long distances over time, making sure you stay in it to win it. With local SEO, you’re playing the long game—profitable over time, but it may take six months to a year before you get a single lead. So when your phone's as silent as a ghost town, and your bank account's looking lean, you need a superhero move. And that's where paid local ads zoom in to save the day!

What Are Pay Per Click Ads?

Pay-per-click marketing is a paid search model used to boost brand awareness, promote new services or special discounts, and gain immediate visibility with hyper-targeted audiences already looking for your services. With PPC, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. Unlike a billboard or direct mail campaign, PPC ads ensure you invest in real impressions that result in visitors. And while Google Ads might be the main stage, the world of PPC spans the social media universe. Your HVAC company can advertise on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or TikTok.

And HVAC SEO? That's your marathon runner, building stamina and crushing long distances over time, making sure you stay in it to win it. With local SEO, you’re playing the long game—profitable over time, but it may take six months to a year before you get a single lead. So when your phone's as silent as a ghost town, and your bank account's looking lean, you need a superhero move. And that's where paid local ads zoom in to save the day!

Why You Need an HVAC Marketing Agency

Every social media platform has its own unique guidelines, graphic design requirements, budget and target audience. That’s why it’s so easy to waste thousands of dollars on ads that go nowhere.

But your advertising budget is a precious resource, and every dollar counts. With our paid ads marketing, you're not just investing; you're optimizing. Our data-driven approach fine-tunes your campaigns, ensuring your ad spend generates the best possible return on investment. We’re paid ads specialists who know how to stretch your budget further, delivering results that genuinely matter to your bottom line.

Your audience doesn't reside in a single corner of the internet, and neither should your ads.

Our PPC services encompass various platforms, including Google Local Services Ads for HVAC companies, HVAC Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and more. This multichannel integration ensures that your message reaches potential customers wherever they are. By maintaining consistent branding and messaging across platforms, we enhance brand recognition and trust.

At RS Gonzales, our approach to paid ads marketing is rooted in data analytics and continuous optimization. We analyze performance metrics, click-through rates, and conversion rates to fine-tune your campaigns in real-time. This commitment to data ensures that every dollar you invest is strategically allocated, optimizing your ROI and saving you money.

The average return on investment for businesses using pay-per-click advertising is $2 for every $1 invested.

It is only a question of how much you want to make!
RS Gonzales

Mastering Multichannel PPC for Digital Domination

Elevate your HVAC paid ads, skyrocket your visibility and draw in leads at lightning speed —all without the anguish of wasted ad spend.

Choose us for HVAC Facebook Ads and

Google Local Services Ads for Your HVAC Company

Reach more customers TODAY with the most cost-effective ad channels for small HVAC businesses.

LSA vs FB Ads

Choose Your Paid Ads Champion

Discover how RS Gonzales helps small HVAC companies outsmart
behemoth competitors with an ad strategy that is fast, nimble and hyper-focused.

Every social media platform has its own unique guidelines, graphic design requirements, budget and target audience. That’s why it’s so easy to waste thousands of dollars on ads that go nowhere.

But your advertising budget is a precious resource, and every dollar counts. With our paid ads marketing, you're not just investing; you're optimizing. Our data-driven approach fine-tunes your campaigns, ensuring your ad spend generates the best possible return on investment. We’re paid ads specialists who know how to stretch your budget further, delivering results that genuinely matter to your bottom line.

Slay the Titans with Google LSAs and Facebook Ads

Are you terrified by your local HVAC Godzillas—those mammoth-sized competitors stomping all over town with their colossal ad campaigns? Those nine-figure behemoths leave their footprints on the side of your bus, in your social media feed, and humming from your radio.

With their ads blitzing from every corner, it would be easy to wipe out your entire ad budget on the battlefield—or simply retreat in terror and confusion.

But this David vs Goliath story has a happy ending. In this epic tale of the underdog, we arm you with the sling and stone of the digital age: Google Local Services Ads and Facebook Ads.

With the agility of Google Local Services Ads for HVAC companies and the precision strike of Facebook Ads, you’re the nimble hero darting between the giant’s legs, grabbing attention without getting squashed by heavyweight budgets.

At RS Gonzales, we believe in arming the underdogs, giving HVAC contractors with less than $3 million in revenue the secret weapon they deserve. We help you focus on just these two channels, making sure your paid ads deliver value with every penny.

Forget being outspent. Outmaneuver and outshine—every time.
Let’s conquer the HVAC giants today!

Google Local Services Ads for HVAC Companies

Fast, Easy, Scalable

Google Local Services Ads should be an HVAC contractors’ very first ad channel. That’s because with LSAs, you only pay for leads. Not clicks, or casual window shoppers. Just bonafide customers actively searching for HVAC services who call you or book an appointment through your Google Business Profile.

The benefits of Google Local Services Ads for HVAC contractors

Right-Time Reach

LSAs put you in front of customers at the very moment they’re searching for HVAC services.

Top Billing

LSAs appear before both Google Ads and organic search results — meaning your name is at the top of the marquee.


LSAs are your ultimate DIY solution. Set them up and manage them without expert help.


With the Pay-Per-Lead model, you only spend money when an interested customer calls or texts your business.


Going on vacation? Overwhelmed with new business? You can turn LSAs on and off like a faucet.


As your business grows, simply increase your weekly budget and you’ll enjoy more leads at the same cost per lead.

Cost Per Lead Ads Pave the Way to Low-Risk Growth

For small business owners frustrated with Google’s traditional search ads, Google’s roll out of LSAs in 2018 felt like manna from heaven. The Cost Per Lead model is a lifeline for disgruntled small business owners, who complained they couldn’t compete in the cutthroat Google Ads market.

The drawbacks of Google PPC for small HVAC companies include

Big players outspend you, and your ads just aren’t seen.

It’s easy to blow through your ad budget with clicks that never generate business.

You need a marketing agency to perform keyword research and craft an ad strategy.

Building a high-converting landing page requires time, money and expertise.

How much do HVAC companies pay for Google Local Services Ads?

From electricians to chiropractors, Google makes LSAs available to dozens of local industries. They even offer an LSA budget calculator so you can estimate the cost per lead for HVAC advertising in your zip code.

The cost per lead varies widely by industry — from as low as $10 for animal shelters to more than $150 for business lawyers. While Google doesn’t reveal the inner workings of its algorithm, a number of factors seem to determine cost per lead:

Zip code

Consumer Demand

Value of Service

Industry Competition

In contrast, other regional variations that dictate ad costs on other social media channels don’t seem to factor into the Google LSA algorithm (at least for HVAC ads). Those include:

. The affluence of your market and customer’s expected willingness to pay

. Cost of living

Interestingly, HVAC companies enjoy one of the lowest costs per lead of any industry. That may be because HVAC contractors are a high-barrier-to-entry industry that requires years of training and certification—factors that put them in relatively short supply.

While there is some geographic variation, you can expect to pay between $20-50 per lead almost anywhere in the United States — with the average cost for HVAC leads clustering around $30.

That’s an incredible value — particularly when you consider that an air conditioner installation or commercial ductwork can be a high-ticket item to rival even the steepest lawyer’s fees. In contrast, a handyman service might pay twice as much as you do for a lead — but yield a tenth the return on investment.

In short, Google Local Services Ads represent an unparalleled arbitrage opportunity for savvy HVAC contractors. Low risk. Low cost. High value.

Facebook Ads for High-Ticket HVAC Installations

Google Local Services ads catapult you into the spotlight, just as customers scream “I need this!.” But Facebook Ads are a stealthy archer, drawing back the arrow of temptation to strike a want customers never knew they had.

In short, Google Local Services Ads respond to demand, while Facebook ads create desire.

Imagine an affluent homeowner, idling scrolling through their feed on a Friday evening, while subconsciously overcome with worry: their toddler is sneezing miserably, the summer swelter promises sky-high energy bills, and higher interest rates just sent their property value into a tail-spin.

They’re not looking for HVAC services. They may not even realize they have a problem anyone can solve. But then your ad stops the scroll. Because while your competitors clean ducts and repair a broken AC, you are a magician of comfort:

  • You bust allergies, conquer mold and re-energize family health.

  • You craft a crisp summer sanctuary free that makes your customers proud to be the greenest, most energy-efficient home on their block.

That’s the power of Facebook Ads for HVAC contractors — it’s the symphony of stunning visuals and creative copy that transforms your HVAC services from hum-drum to must-have.

Let competitors sweat it out in the trenches — with Facebook Ads, you’re the caped crusader of comfort.

Facebook Ads for Hiring HVAC Technicians

As an HVAC contractor, you depend on your technicians and sales force for customer satisfaction and growth. But recruitment can be a headache: pricy job portals, an avalanche of unqualified resumes, and dead-end interviews that eat up your time.

Fortunately, you can wave goodbye to the tedious hiring grind with Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads are a great way to attract low-cost leads (aka candidates) to your next job opening.

Best of all, RS Gonzales can build an end-to-end recruitment platform for you off of Facebook Ads. Here’s how it works:


Use Facebook lead generation ads to promote your job openings and get job seekers to fill out a short form with their name, email and phone number.


We design an automated nurture sequence, using SMS and email messages to share more information about the job openings, your HVAC business and the benefits of applying.


Through our HVAC CRM, we create application forms that meet your job requirements. Serious candidates can share their resume, fill out a questionnaire, send in a video or take an at-home test.


Rather than fielding dozens of calls and emails from wrong-fit candidates, you review highly-motivated candidates at your leisure. They’ve already jumped through the hoops to submit an application, which means they’re more likely to go the distance.

Turn hiring into your victory dance — Facebook Ads plus our powerhouse recruitment tool brings the talent to YOU.

Expert HVAC Google Local-Service Ads Agency

Your Trusted Partner for HVAC Local Ads

We turn underdogs into frontrunners with our tested HVAC paid ads playbook. With RS Gonzales, you get HVAC marketing specialists — that means no experiments on your dime. Just measurable results from day one.
Google Local Services Ads and Facebook Ads may be the fast track to HVAC lead generation. But, you need an HVAC online marketing company that does it all—from paid ads to local SEO to email marketing. That’s because small HVAC contractors grow fastest when they fire on all digital cylinders at once.
Imagine having the Avengers of HVAC advertising on your side. That’s what you get with RS Gonzales. Tireless, relentless and laser-focused on catapulting your HVAC business to stardom.
We don’t dabble. We’re not dilettantes. We speak the language of HVAC. That means you’ll never spend a minute educating us on the definition of a ductless mini-split system or explaining why you need recurring revenue from your annual service agreements.
With RS Gonzales, it’s no smoke, all mirrors. You’ll enjoy a user-friendly dashboard to review results on paid ads campaigns in real-time. Want to know how your HVAC Facebook Ads performed yesterday? Click on your app and it’s all there. Better, we communicate weekly and share videos, reports and screenshots to educate you on what all that data means. Never again wonder if your HVAC digital marketing company is delivering on its promises.
No shady shortcuts or dark arts here. Managing your HVAC reputation is our holy grail. At RS Gonzales, we champion local ad campaigns that follow Google, Facebook and other social media channels guidelines—you’ll never get banned or wonder why your ads have been suspended. Plus, we keep it classy, with ad copy and visuals that reflect and enhance your sterling HVAC brand.
The digital landscape never stands still, and neither do we. We adapt, innovate and elevate your HVAC local ads so that your business doesn’t just grow; it evolves.
We’re throwing in afull year
of dynamicSOCIAL MEDIA
, designed exclusively
for YOUR HVAC business
Book your consultation now!
RS Gonzales’s Agile PPC Methodology for HVAC Contractors

Your Blueprint for Conquering the Digital Realm

Ditch the old school playbook for HVAC paid ads. Google and Facebook play 4D chess with their advertising algorithms, and there's an avalanche of new tech and strategies hitting the scene every single day. You deserve a dynamic local ads strategy that keeps you one step ahead of that slippery landscape.

With RS Gonzales, your ads are on a continuous quest for peak performance. We dissect and leverage every data point—clicks, leads, sales—to ensure your ads are not just scoring but breaking records.

Our secret weapon? A ferocious appetite for excellence, powered by the same "agile methodology" that keeps Silicon Valley giants on top.

RS Gonzales’s
Agile PPC approach follows
these five steps in a continuous
loop of improvement

HVAC SEO vs Local Ads
What’s the Right Strategy for Your HVAC Brand?

HVAC business owners often wonder: “Should I focus on Pay-Per-Click ads or local SEO for growth?” But that’s like asking whether you deliver competitive pricing or stellar customer support.

When it comes to building a profitable HVAC empire, RS Gonzales believes the solution is always: ALL OF THE ABOVE.

That’s why we offer our HVAC entrepreneurs what we call an omnichannel digital marketing strategy. It’s no just paid ads OR local SEO. It's paid ads WITH local SEO, supercharged with an unbeatable HVAC website, magnetic social media, an army of five-star Google reviews, and a customized HVAC CRM.

Why put all your eggs in one basket? Just like your investments, your HVAC brand thrives on diversification. There will be days when paid ads steal the show, and times when organic clicks are your MVP.

Imagine the classic tale of the tortoise and the hare, but with a twist! Think of HVAC paid ads as the hare: bold, quick, and off to a lightning start. These ads bring the thunder with instant gains. And it might be tempting to double down on Google Local Services Ads and Facebook Ads alone. The problem is, you’ll never pay less for your leads. Month after month, year after year, your cost per lead will stagnate — and so will your profits.

On the flip side, local SEO is your tortoise—methodical, steadfast, plodding towards glory. It's all about the long game, grinding day in, day out. That’s because it can take from three months up to a year for search engines to start ranking your website at the top of page one for keywords like “HVAC contractor near me.”

Combine the marathon resilience of local SEO with the sprinter’s dash of paid ads —and that’s when the magic happens. Fast track visibility, a steady stream of low-cost leads, and a growth engine you can throttle up over time, as your budget, bandwidth and business goals warrant.

Why settle for the usual when Dazzling is at your fingertips?

At RS Gonzales, we grasp the importance of a top-tier paid advertising strategy: We guarantee that your PPC campaigns are nothing less than extraordinary.

Choose RS Gonzales and dominate Paid Advertising!

Why settle for the usual when Dazzling is at your fingertips?

RS Gonzales turns your words into growth, making your HVAC business the buzz everyone can’t stop talking about.

Choose us, and let your voice be heard!


Paid ads, particularly HVAC Google Local Services Ads, offer your HVAC business immediate visibility and a targeted approach, ensuring a swift increase in traffic and sales. This method is especially advantageous for businesses that are still establishing their organic traffic presence. While SEO strategies typically take time to yield results, Google Local Service Ads can position your HVAC business directly in front of potential customers quickly and efficiently, making every minute count.

Local ads for HVAC companies are a game-changer when it comes to boosting your online presence. These targeted campaigns put your HVAC services directly in front of local customers who are actively searching for what you offer. This hyper-local focus means your ads aren't just seen — they're seen by the right people, at the right time, in your specific service area. By strategically utilizing local ads, you can effectively increase your visibility, attract more local customers, and ultimately, grow your business in your community.

We specialize in running HVAC Facebook ads along with campaigns on other platforms like Google, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Our strategy revolves around identifying and targeting the platforms where your specific audience spends their time. By diversifying our ad placements, we ensure that your HVAC services are visible to potential customers across the most effective channels, maximizing your reach and engagement. This multi-platform approach allows us to tailor our advertising efforts to align perfectly with your audience's preferences and behaviors.

Certainly! We believe in complete transparency and provide regular, detailed performance reports for your HVAC company's local services ads. These reports give you real-time insights into how your ads are performing, including metrics like click-through rates, conversion rates, and overall engagement. By closely monitoring these key indicators, you can see the direct impact of your advertising efforts and make informed decisions for future campaigns. Our goal is to ensure you're always in the loop and confident about the effectiveness of your ad strategies.

See quick results with Google Local Services Ads for your HVAC business. Often within days, these targeted ads start attracting leads, far outpacing the slower build-up of organic strategies. Our optimization ensures steady growth and more customer engagements, fast-tracking your HVAC company's success.

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is a savvy approach for your local HVAC ads. In this model, you're charged only when potential customers click on your ad. It's a cost-efficient way to ensure your HVAC services get seen by the right local audience, without overspending. You invest directly in actual engagements, making PPC a smart move for focused, local advertising in the HVAC sector.

Precision targeting is key at RS Gonzales. We laser-focus your ads to hit the mark every time, using demographics, location, and interests. This ensures your HVAC google local service ads reach the right audience, turning clicks into customers.

Yes, we are a full-service paid ads agency, and our services include crafting compelling ad copy and eye-catching visuals.

Facebook ads are a powerhouse for HVAC companies. They offer precise targeting, visually appealing formats, and detailed performance tracking. It's a cost-effective way to reach potential customers, showcase your services, and see quick, measurable results.

No, we offer flexible monthly contracts so you can test the waters without making a long-term commitment. Our paid ads services are part of a larger package of marketing and sales services we offer to small businesses in the National Capitol region.

Choosing RS Gonzales means partnering with a team that excels in both Google local-service ads and HVAC Facebook ads. We blend our expertise in these platforms to drive unparalleled results. Our tailored approach in Google local-services and HVAC Facebook ads ensures your campaigns resonate with your target audience. Plus, our proficiency in HVAC Google local services ads means your business stands out in local searches. With RS Gonzales, you get a comprehensive, multi-platform strategy that maximizes your visibility and ROI.

Start growing your HVAC
business today.